The trainers

Han van der Meer

Phone: +31(0)6 239 159 71

Han studied Industrial Design at TU Delft and in 2011 completed a change management and organizational development study at SIOO.

Jean Pierre Kahlmann

Phone: +31 (0)6 531 399 81

After his training at the Royal Military Academy, Jean-Pierre has been an operational pilot for 13 years as a fighter pilot (NF-5 / F-16) in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. He was also responsible for the operational deployment of 18 F-16’s in "Operation Deny Flight" in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Angelica Molter

Phone: +31(0)6 575 630 81

During her study Criminal Law and Criminology, Angelica made the switch to Health Care. For many years she worked within the management of a regional police force where she was involved in medical and psychosocial care. She specialized in the treatment of PTSD for police, fire brigade and Health Care Services.

Eric Schoenmaker

Phone: +31(0)6 407 723 30

Eric started his flying career, after finishing his study at the Royal Marine Institute (KIM) and various sailing functions within the Navy. Since 1992 he has been working as a captain on the Boeing 747 at Martinair.

Jan Molenaar

Phone: + 31(0)6 516 220 30

During high-school Jan had his first flying lesson. After obtaining his commercial pilot licence he became active as professional pilot in General Aviation, as a Navy Pilot and thereafter 25 years as an airline pilot until 2017.

Kaj de Boer

Phone: +31(0)6 295 367 56

Kaj wanted to become a veterinarian from a young age. That life can go completely different, he realized after his military service examination; he was asked if he wanted to become a fighter pilot.