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How do you get changes in a corporate culture that improves performance? In an inspiring way, Jean-Pierre told us about this at a national day at Rijkswaterstaat. He drew on his extensive experience in the air force and civil aviation. On the basis of practical experiences, he showed how important it is to create a transparent culture (a just culture) so that you REALLY know how performance is and where there is potential for improvement. He made extensive use of anecdotes and interaction with the participants. Jean-Pierre brought a good story with a message. Great!

Arnoud van der Valk

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At the Martini Hospital Groningen, Yes Human Factors developed with the Martini “OR-Core team", a program for approx. 200 OR-employees in whichimproving patient safety is the key issue/goal. In spring 2018 the introduction program started in which Shared Situation Awareness is explained. After that the "0/zero" measurement starts in the cockpit simulator in which participants are observed on their own actions, the cooperation in the team and the the environment- and situation awareness.

At Leaseweb, all employees (approx. 250) followed a module in the cockpit simulator in which aspects of judgment, effective communication and decision-making in teams was explained and practiced. In addition, the middle management (approx. 50) followed a Management Development program in which personal and interpersonal effectiveness is central.

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More than 200 employees have gone through the CRM program at HAGA. A start has been made with an introduction program and a core team that helped shape the program using the appreciative enquiry method. The program is concluded with a Train the Trainer program, which enables to secure the CRM philosophy in the HAGA organization.

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Coastguard Netherlands has set up a professionalization program for its operational department in recent years. The organization is connected to the nautical and aeronautical world and works with many partners in a network organization.

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In an advisory process, a suitable program was developed with a core team (specialists, nurses and managers). OR teams were introduced in a number of CRM concepts. We looked at communication and cooperation. Furthermore, important safety issues are investigated and trained.

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In the Rivierenland, the ER as well as the Child & Youth ward/unit have gone through the CRM program. During the introductory days, participants interacted with the concepts of judgment, effective communication and decision making. In various observations (eg in a cockpit simulator) attention was paid to the division of roles and the effective exchange of information. In the meantime, an in-depth training is started, with Yes Human Factors, that further elaborates on a number of CRM concepts. Furthermore, based on personal casuistic, intervisions are held.

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On these training days, backgrounds of the CRM program were discussed and observed during a number of exercises. A number of scenarios have been carried out whereby the complexity has always been increased. The number of fireplaces and victims varied. All exercises have been evaluated both in the team and individually.