The subject that appealed to me the most: The occurrence of repetitional mistakes/behaviours by, for example, the newsletter in which possible points for improvement/emergencies are discussed in all openness. Also the “blame free” reporting philosophy. I thought it was a great and varied program. Well designed and not too long or too much. Of course the flight simulator was an absolute top-event to give the day something extra.

Dr. Marco J. Schnater
lung and vascular surgeon
Albert Schweitzer Hospital

I experienced this day as fun and relaxed. The subjects were recognizable, aviation management techniques were valuable to hear and also to apply in the hospital world. In any case, it reminded me of my environment (my reality versus other people's reality and the actual reality). I loved the flight simulator and also the way you offered us the training.

Ruben de Vet
Head of department OK Anesthesia
Albert Schweitzer Hospital