We believe in a just culture in which people are not judged on mistakes but are rewarded for the continuous effort to learn and improve.


People make mistakes. Making mistakes is just as normal as breathing.

The challenge is to catch these errors before it might end in a serious situation. You can catch or mitigate these errors within the "system" with the help of technical means, supporting processes and protocols, but also by making maximum use of your team.

In a learning organization you focus on what went wrong, why it went wrong and how it can be prevented in the future. Who has made the mistake is not relevant unless there is gross negligence or willful intent. Thus we learn from what went wrong, and, even better realize why it almost always goes well ...

In that culture, leadership does not mean knowing and saying how it should be done, but also under pressure, make maximum use of all the knowledge and resources available to you at that moment. Use team intelligence.

Co creation

YES intensively operates together to achieve sustainable results. Together with you, we design a program that meets your specific needs. This program can contain advice, training and temporary aftercare. We provide complete training programs aimed at increasing safety for your customers and your employees.