CRM-I Course (Full training 5 days)

CRM-I Course (Full training 5 days)

The CRM-I training of YES Human Factors is an interactive instructor training about operational cooperation in aviation and about teaching and learning from aviation professionals. Knowledge, skills and insights from the training are directly applicable in your work as a CRM Instructor and also in daily operations.

Crew Resource Management training is important in any operational profession because:

  1. Collaboration increases the involvement of all colleagues.
  2. More involvement increases the intrinsic motivation and thus the will to keep performance at a high level.
  3. This ensures a high level of SAFETY and increases PRODUCTIVITY.

A Crew Resource Management Instructor informs operational crews and discusses all possible cooperation aspects (the relationship between the individuals, systems, circumstances and tasks).

He makes use of interactive teaching methods, for example with (introduced) examples and exercises on how a team works concretely.

The CRM-I training of YES Human Factors enables you to train professionally and complies with the current EASA regulations (ref. AMC3 ORO.FC.115 Crew resource management (CRM) training).

The training consists of two parts: Teaching & Learning and Human Factors. It is possible to do this course as a whole or in parts.

Initial CRM-I:

Although the course is in principle accessible to everyone, EASA has additional qualification requirements to act as a CRM trainer (AMC 3 ORO.FC.115). Holders of a TRI or FI endorsement may skip the teaching & learning part. However, given the specific focus on CRM, group dynamics and (inter)personal awareness, it is recommended to follow this module as well.

Refresher CRM-I:

The Human Factors section is also accessible for CRM instructors who want to follow a refresher training every three years. Set up CRM-I training:


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Teaching & Learning

Human Factors

Introduction, Planning


Shared Situational Awareness

Information processing


Leadership and Group Dynamics


Assessment, Feedback


Threat & Error Management

Human Performance Limits

Culture & Just Culture


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